Customer group division & business practice of retail bank customer management

Refinement of customer group management is a necessary link for financial institutions on the road of marketing cost reduction and efficiency improvement. How to reasonably divide the customer group system according to their own business conditions, and how to cooperate with and facilitate marketing actions are the topics that financial institutions are very concerned about.

With the increase in the scale of corporate customers and the increase in customer operating costs brought about by the fading demographic dividend, various industries, including the financial industry, pay more and more attention to customer management issues. In the past, the extensive operation mode brought about a sharp increase in the cost of new acquisition, retention and conversion, and the refined customer management gradually showed its strong advantages of reducing costs and improving efficiency. An important part of refined customer management is the division of the customer group system and the closed-loop business planning after division.

In order to promote exchanges in the financial industry and share the experience and marketing innovations of banking financial institutions in the customer tiered operation, we specially invited data analysis and business experts from Suoxinda Holdings on the evening of May 25th from 20:00 to 21:00. Ms. Yang Zhennan brought the theme to share "Customer Group Division and Operation Practice - Taking Retail Banking Customer Operation as an Example".

Share the live outline:

1. Common methodology for customer group division and customer group business planning process

2. The practice of customer group division in retail banks

3. Operating methods and practices of new customers in retail banks

4. Management methods and practices of retail banks with characteristic customer groups

We sincerely welcome practitioners from banking, securities, insurance and other financial institutions to participate in this seminar. I believe you will gain something from your participation!

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