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Suoxinda Link-C aims to provide enterprises and financial institutions with integrated marketing solutions that feature end-to-end intelligence, mobility and ultimate customer experience, empowering them for all-dimensional connection with and precise management of their customers. This Marketing Intelligence Platform (MIP) offers a full package of marketing intelligence ranging from marketing data management, intelligent decision making, targeted engagement, to performance assessment & feedback.

Intelligent Customer Grouping

Customer Intelligence

Suoxinda MIP provides a tagging system and customer grouping definitions that are applicable to mult

including tagging and grouping for customer segmentation, customer life-cycle staging (5 stages), focus group for marketing (20+ categories), and metrics for model-based assessment (30+ models including product response, customer enhancement, cross-sell, etc.). Marketers can use existing tags and customer grouping to flexibly define and generate target groups, which can be reused in future marketing campaigns. Figure 1 illustrates the intelligent customer grouping of Suoxinda MIP.







A Rich Library of Marketing Strategies and Campaign Templates

Marketing Strategy Library & Event Template

Suoxinda MIP integrates an industry-leading library of marketing scenarios and strategies into ready

The templates cover more than 150 marketing scenarios, divided into three categories (product sales, customer operation and customer service) and over 10 subcategories, involving customer life-cycle, marketing events, product life-cycle, calendar holidays and other metrics. Marketers can use the templates in Link-C to plan campaigns, refer to peer experience, and improve campaign performance. Past campaigns with outstanding performance can also be formatted either as personal campaign templates or as reference for colleagues. Figure 2 shows the marketing campaign templates in Suoxinda MIP and how they are categorized.


Marketing Scenario


Service Categories


Surround Dimension

Marketing Campaign Management and Automation

Marketing Campaign Management & Automation

Suoxinda MIP enables comprehensive management and automation of marketing campaigns

It allows marketers to plan, create, approve and launch campaigns and manage campaign types and versions online. Marketing assets in campaign implementation, such as marketing collateral, script, communication, response, success criteria, products, and loyalty program benefits, are also managed and configured in Link-C. Suoxinda MIP automates the process of intelligent customer grouping, marketing strategy, marketing execution, marketing coordination, customer engagement, as well as campaign feedback & assessment, greatly reducing repetitive manual workload and making the entire process more effective. Figure 3 shows an outbound telemarketing scenario for installment product on Suoxinda MIP.

Interactive Marketing Process Design and Customer Insights

Interactive Marketing PMrocess & Customer Insight

Suoxinda MIP follows milestones along the marketing process to roll out marketing campaigns

so that marketers have one-view access to customer grouping, strategy, channels, marketing assets, and other content to quickly deploy campaign strategies. Customer group counting and customer insights in Suoxinda facilitate customer profiling, helping marketers quickly understand their target customers, and providing data and analytic support for marketing strategy configuration.


Cross-channel collaboration and Customer Engagement Management

Suoxinda MIP supports customer engagement through multiple online and offline channels (including mobile app, SMS, WeChat public account, email, social media, telemarketing center and wealth manager, etc.) so that all channels can be coordinated and supplement each other to deliver consistent customer experience & information and better customer service. Marketers can coordinate and manage their channels on MIP, including dynamic configuration of channel capacity, customer list filtering, frequency and interval of customer engagement, and the order priority for campaign exposure. This helps to minimize customer disturbance, improve utilization of channel resources and increase conversion rate.

Increase Conversion Rate


Prevent Disturbing


Collaborative Complementarity


All-round Contact


Multiple Channels


Marketing Campaign Assessment and Feedback

Marketing Activity Evaluation & Feedback

Evaluate the implementation & effect from the perspective of organizational structure

The Suoxinda Marketing Assessment Reporting System evaluates marketing execution and effectiveness from multiple perspectives within the organization (from management cockpit, branches and departments, to individual campaigns) and in multiple dimensions (including customer grouping, products and channels). Suoxinda MIP integrates more than 80 success criteria for marketing campaigns across financial business lines. With 100+ templates of campaign reports, it automates campaign assessment and enables marketers to continuously optimize marketing campaigns based on their assessment. Figure 4 shows marketing report templates in Suoxinda MIP.


Success Criteria


Report Template

Big Data Platform Support and Micro-service Architecture

Big Data Platform Support & Microservice Architecture

Suoxinda MIP adopts a micro-service architecture and big data technologies to support private deploy

Suoxinda MIP adopts a micro-service architecture and big data technologies to support private deployment. Big data technologies are applied for business data storage and computation, including Hive, Spark, Impala, Redis, Presto, etc. It also supports Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other relational databases, offering users more options. The application layer is built on a micro-service architecture to decouple modules, laying the foundation for flexible deployment, updating, testing and high availability of marketing applications, and ensuring their horizontal and vertical scalability. Figure 7 illustrates the technical structure of Suoxinda MIP.

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