Risk Early-Warning Solution



Rule & Score


Program Overview

This solution is capable of end-to-end monitoring of all business indicators for credit

This solution is capable of end-to-end monitoring of all business indicators for credit products before, during and after loan disbursement. By monitoring quality and stability of data suppliers, quality and stability of technology suppliers, rules of decision-making engine and system scoring, it ensures robust operation and sound and rapid development of credit products


Solution Advantages


In contrast to generic products, this solution can customize indicators for credit product monitoring, so as to adapt to particular business scenarios of institutional clients for risk early-warning, and tailor to the features of target products and customer groups. It is far more effective than generic solutions.


Building on Suoxinda’s expertise in risk early-warning, this solution can define a complete set of monitoring indicators for different products, leaving no blind points.


Financial institutions may flexibly select customization service for risk early-warning according to their stage of business development and risk preference.


All monitoring indicators can be visualized at the front end.


Solution Value

Business Exceptions

Value —— 01

Ongoing scanning of business process ensures early detection and timely fixing of anomalies, minimizing business impact. 

Risk Abnormalities

Value —— 02

On-going monitoring of risks ensures early detection. Timely optimization of rules and strategies brings down fraud and credit risks and serves the purpose of risk early-warning.

Operational Exception

Value —— 03

It reduces operation cost and workload as business, risk control, and operational staff can extract data as needed without coding the indicators.

Improve Efficiency

Value —— 04

Efficiency improves as all data needed are instantly accessible at the front end. Lower frequency of data extraction means greater efficiency.

Lower Requirement

Value —— 05

Business, risk control, and operational staff can perform their duty as long as they understand relevant indicators. No need for special knowledge about data analysis and mining.

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