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Program Overview

Personalized Recommendation Solution focuses on empowering financial institutions for business growth

Based on customer behavior data, this module adopts cutting-edge recommendation strategies (such as interpretable machine learning algorithm, AI models, expert rules, and name-lists) and flexibly makes arbitration so that users benefit from optimized marketing content in a personalized and real-time fashion

By making the most customized recommendations for each user, this module improves user experience with marketing and turbo-charges business growth

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Solution Advantages

Ths Of People

Fully personalized recommendations for each customer: The solution builds a system of marketing strategy and campaign execution for retail banking, supports bank-wide digitized operation, provides mobile customers and account managers with real-time product recommendations strongly correlated with marketing placements, and adopts a “one strategy for one campaign” approach to make personalized, diversified and targeted recommendations in real time across various terminals.

Intelligent MGT

Intelligent management: The intelligent platform integrates user insights, campaign initiation, strategy management, campaign execution and effect feedback. It reduces the cost of cross-department cooperation and communication and improves efficacy of marketing management. With insights into the needs of customer groups, it assists product managers in intelligent product marketing and personalized customer service. It also helps deliver supreme customer service and scenario-based financial products and services across all channels.

Effect Evaluation

Effect assessment: The module conducts 360° assessment of marketing effect, including real-time monitoring and feedback, display of multi-dimensional data report, and in-depth delving of effect data, serving solid inputs for strategy optimization.

Conversion Boost

Greater conversion rate: The powerful algorithms and models provide each user with recommendations that would be found most valuable, leading to maximal conversion rate.



Solution Value

Mature product system with rapid and precise response

Suoxinda Personalized Recommendation Solution adopts a close-loop structure to guarantee real-time and precise response to the needs, and data security, efficiency & stability.

Innovative customization plan for personalized business strategy

In contrast to traditional marketing practice that relies on repetitive large-volume pushes, Suoxinda solution utilizes industry-leading AI data mining and decision-making engine to capture customer profile and preference in multiple dimensions and customizes products and services for individual customers.   

Powerful algorithm model for precise recommendations across all placements

Powerful and reliable deep learning model developed by Suoxinda AI Lab covers a wide range of customer segments, scenarios, and products. It accurately captures user features and customer profile and generates targeted recommendations.

Intelligent operation of personalized recommendation constantly empowers business growth

Effects of personalized recommendation are retrieved in real time to support algorithm-based reiteration, adaptation and optimization. This doesn’t only respond to evolving needs of business scenarios and users, but also keeps updating the personalized marketing system, contributing to greater efficiency and user experience. 

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