Suoxinda "Spiritual Moment" regulatory submission




Satisfaction & Loyalty


Program Overview

Suoxinda "Lingju" Panoramic Regulatory Compliance Platform

Suoxinda is a unified regulatory reporting platform built for banking financial institutions, which meets the regulatory reporting requirements of financial institutions for the People's Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, etc.

Assist banking and financial institutions to complete regulatory data submission in a timely, accurate, complete and efficient manner, and quickly respond to the requirements of financial regulators


Solution Advantage

Insight Into Needs

The solution uses data collection, data processing, text mining and other technologies to analyze the communication between customers and customer service agents, understand the real feelings of customers, track customer emotion index and frequently spoken words, gain insights into customers’ real

Keyword Emotion

Key word and emotion analysis. Emotion trend is charted by AI for message captured during the time window. It includes analysis of single key word and overall emotion trending, helping customer service team get first-hand understanding of the real emotion of customers and identify potential crisis.

Visual Display

Visualization of public opinion on products, public opinion on competition and potential crisis.


Solution Value

Fast Batch

Rapid in-batch collection of voice data from all channels. Removal of noise and duplicated information to provide precise and effective data.

Best Model Calculation

Processing data with big data technology to ensure best results of model computation. Automatic recognition by model to improve data accuracy (85.14%) and coverage (86.7%).

Quickly Identify Multiple Crises

Rapid recognition of various crises. Multiple ways to give early warning. Miss rate of potential crisis is less than 1%.

Multi-dimensional Chart

Rapid generation of multi-dimensional charts to inform business decisions.

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