User Profiling

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Quick Insight

360° Depiction


Program Overview

User Profiling Solution is to achieve optimal customer experience & deepen customer insights at the same time

Suoxinda User Profiling Solution adopts social network analysis, fuzzy matching, aggregation & clustering, and other advanced technologies to divide customers into groups according to their tags. This helps frontline banking staff develop insights into customer needs more quickly


Solution Advantages

Cutting-edge ALGO

Advanced algorithms such as feature engineering are applied to establish a rich and multi-dimensional customer tagging system that covers a full spectrum of dynamic information such as customer attributes, financial attributes, trading behavior, product preference, interests & hobbies and business scenario. This ensures constant flow of real-time data, precision of AI algorithms, millisecond-scale export of customer tags, and continuous reiteration and optimization of tag algorithms, hence “growing precision” in customer profiling.

360° Panoramic

With finer granular in its user value system, the module sub-divides customer groups by multiple dimensions and levels and visualizes customer profile in a panoramic and dynamic manner. 

Sub-division GR

User-defined sub-division into multiple combinations and levels can flexibly respond to the needs of various business scenarios, making targeted marketing more precise, effective and efficient.

Life-cycle MGT

Life-cycle management closes the loop for tag management. It automatically accumulates tag assets, empowers flexible despatch according to business needs, and facilitates rapid generation, application and optimization of user profile and precise marketing strategies & scenarios.


Solution Value

Improving Customer Experience

Greater precision in marketing makes marketing content less disturbing. It ensures supreme customer experience while gaining deep insights and prediction of potential needs. 

Boosting Cost-effectiveness

By granting their business staff access to the automatic analysis and production capability for tagging and profiling, our clients can relieve IT engineers of maintenance burden, make marketing analysis more effective, automated and flexible, save the cost of conventional maintenance service, and better align data to business needs. 

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