Marketing Content Management System




A tacit cinda marketing content management system, can realize in view of the current mainstream marketing material H5 intelligent management, collection of material scenario, of a templated management material operation analysis of the whole life cycle management of material and material visual configuration and monitoring analysis into an organic whole, meet the demand of customer daily marketing scenario content management, is rich in highly efficient and flexible marketing tool

Easy to operate 0 learning cost

Complete H5 marketing campaign material release process

Supports the complete H5 marketing campaign material release process, from template selection material Settings interactive Settings preview approval to the visual configuration of the application

Digital Configuration And Audit Of The Whole Process

Digital configuration and review of the whole process of main marketing content

Support H5 interactive game marketing long graphic dynamic page turning H5 and other main marketing content of the whole process of digital configuration and audit H5 games with strong interactive marketing effect outstanding through the template configuration can be online, and realize SMS email WeChat mobile banking APP and other online promotion channels comprehensive coverage Simplify customer operation process, reduce time and management costs, improve marketing efficiency, and provide strong support for business promotion


Support For Effect Preview What You See Is What You Get

SMS Preview


WeChat Preview


Email Preview


Support Page Embedding To Ensure Data Security

Support page embedding to ensure data security

Page data burial point, real-time monitoring of the interactive results of the activity page data

Create, edit and set a three-step way to complete the burial of the page data, and monitor the interactive result data of the active page in real time; Recycle activity data directly to ensure the integrity and security of activity data of financial customers to the greatest extent

Marketing Overview Material Assets At A Glance

Marketing overview material assets at a glance

Visualize marketing content usage and channel proportion

Visualized display of marketing content usage and channel proportion, fully understand the details of marketing activities within the system material

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