Tag Management System

Suoxinda Tag Management System

Tag Management System

Suoxinda Tag Management System (TMS) integrates tag creation, operation and management. It supports life-cycle management of tags with flexible tag configuration, calculation and real-time tagging. With its platform capabilities such as multi-level tag system construction, customer profiling, and tagging service, it facilitates precision marketing, customer segmentation and other scenarios, and improves overall operational efficiency.

Tag Life-cycle Management

Tag Lifecycle Management

Suoxinda TMS enables self-service style life-cycle management of tags online

Suoxinda TMS enables self-service style life-cycle management of tags online, helping users participate in tag creation, application and management in a faster and more flexible manner. This fuels business growth and improves the efficiency of tag generation.

Visualized Tag Configuration & Support for Complex Computing Power

Visual Label Configuration & Complex Computing Power Support

Automatically supplement silent recommendations to maximize the use of fields and maximize marketing

Users can create their own tag categories, configure batch tags and real-time tags, and edit and optimize them flexibly. User-friendly operation meets various business needs.The system supports large scale concurrent data computing. Complex logical computing can also generate tags instantaneously.

Real-time Tagging

Real-Time Labeling Capability

With Kafka message queue for real-time data exchanging

With Kafka message queue for real-time data exchanging, Suoxinda TMS supports creation, configuration computing and application management of real-time tags. Its millisecond-scale response in computing ensures platform support for real-time identification and insight of customer behavior changes and events.


Support for Enterprise-level Tagging System

Customer Group Profiling

Suoxinda TMS is equipped with rich built-in experience in user profile tagging, covering retail banking, credit card, securities transaction and other business scenarios. Marketers of enterprises and financial institutions can refer to the experience and quickly build their own professional tagging system.

Tagging Service - Powerful Tool for Online Release and Management

Powerful Online Publishing & Management Capabilities

Suoxinda TMS is based on CaaS (configuration as a service) architecture. Its configurable tagging service releases tag information online to enable information inquiry by other systems. Service security is safeguarded with signature verification and data encryption.


Platform Capabilities - to Meet Diversified Tagging Needs of Enterprises

Tag operation - support for orderly management and operation of assets, users and resources of tag libraries.
Other platform capabilities: Suoxinda TMS also accommodates automated tag scheduling, tag migration, tag evaluation, and tag recommendation to meet extended needs for tag management.

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