MGM Customer Acquisition System

Internet Fission

Adapt Market

Policy Supervision


Program Overview

MGM Customer Acquisition System has been developed for the banking industry to adapt to the “Internet+” era


Solution Advantages


The module adopts a lightweight technical framework, and the external dependency of the module is low

Full Coverage Channels

Station: mobile banking, online service, W+, etc.

Off-site: WeChat, Douyin, Kuaishou, advertising, etc.

Product Promotion

Promote participation in wealth management products in the bank. Promote the activity of products such as mobile banking and official accounts in the bank

Strong Scalability

Distributed storage module functions can be superimposed

Multiple Scenes

Recommended exposure, recommended download and login, recommended card opening, group joining activities

Secondary Marketing

Accumulate customer acquisition data Carry out secondary precision marketing on customer acquisition data


Solution Value

Help customers achieve fission-like growth in customer acquisition

With years of experience in serving leading joint-stock commercial banks, Suoxinda MGM is the solution and platform of choice for the financial industry to acquire customers. In contrast to traditional solutions, it helps financial institutions achieve fission-style growth in customer base. 

Reduce customer acquisition cost and increase customer conversion rate

Suoxinda manages to create synergy between internet-based business model and the financial industry, benefiting clients with joint innovation, lower cost of customer acquisition, and higher conversion rate.

Experience it now and start the journey of digital transformation !