Real-time Marketing





Program Overview

Real-time Marketing Solution is an effective marketing tool built for enterprise-level financial institution clients

Through deep application of big data and artificial intelligence, the real-time marketing module fixes marketing lag and exercise data-based monitoring of user behavior in real time. It automatically launches campaigns and evaluates their effect in real time according to user behavior data System operators may configure marketing scripts, audience and channels according to assessment results


Solution Advantages

Dynamic Configuration

Campaign strategies are dynamically configurable, enabling one-stop control from the configuration of most used data sources, processing of real-time tags and campaigns, to the whole process of real-time campaign planning.

Enterprise-level Data In Seconds

Second-scale response to enterprise-level data, AI model for product integration, and rules for unsupervised machine learning. All real-time tags, events, and campaigns are automatically processed and sorted through real-time computing, without the need of redeployment on servers.

Process Visualization

Visualization of real-time marketing campaigns is friendly to business users without technical background. This module enables users to precisely segment customers for targeted marketing, creates disturbance-free user experience, and generates campaign/campaign asset templates to enhance marketing e

Marketing Closed Loop

The module ensures close-loop marketing, supports the generation of multi-dimensional campaign performance report, fills the data gap in marketing analysis, and facilitates in-depth data delving to constantly optimize the placement strategy.


Solution Value

User Retention

Value —— 01

Insights into user behavior and churn prevention: The module monitors user behavior and acquires insights in real time. By analyzing user behavior pattern and forecasting what’s next, it diagnoses the health of user groups based on behavior data and intelligent analysis models. Risk prediction of user churn can timely trigger retention efforts.

Value Mining

Value —— 02

Customer value mining: The module timely triggers cross-sell, marketing campaign content and user-support script through different phases of user life-cycle based on their online and offline behaviors, attributes and preference, so as to unlock investment potential, grow customer value and generate greater user experience.

Intelligent Computing

Value —— 03

Intelligent computing of user tags: The module can run both simple and complex tag logic computing and support live calls, so as to timely respond to user needs in various scenarios.

Full Channel

Value —— 04

All-channel coverage removes channel silos and empowers digitized and integrated marketing.

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