Real-time Marketing Platform

Millisecond Scale

Thousands of "Time"

Precise Interaction Time

Suoxinda Real-time Marketing Platform (RTMP) captures real-time customer events such as transaction, browsing, and activation of new features to trigger follow-up marketing. Suoxinda Link-C enables flexible access to real-time events, rapid definition of real-time tags & events, and the creation and launch of marketing campaigns in real time. At the data level, it integrates batch data, real-time data, and online & offline model scoring data, facilitates on-the-fly customer engagement with stream processing and precise insight based on big data, and generates greater customer experience and higher marketing conversion rate.

Flexible Access to Real-time Data Sources and Automated Data Processing

Real-time Data Source Flexible Receiving & Automatic Processing

Suoxinda RTMP uses message queues or API of upstream systems to access real-time data sources throug

By configuring interface parameters corresponding to types of data source (including real-time message data and real-time cache data), data source address, authentication information, and data source field mapping, the system gains access to needed data in real time. When a real-time marketing campaign calls a data source, it performs field mapping according to the mapped fields and predefined processing logic for auto-generated data, and activates corresponding real-time processing.

Real-time Tagging

Real-time Labeling Capability

Real-time capture and insight into customer behavior changes and events Provide platform capability

Based on real-time data from upstream systems, Suoxinda RTMP can perform real-time tag creation, configuration calculation, and application management. With proper hardware setup, it runs real-time tag computation on a millisecond scale. The quick response enables the platform to capture customer behavior changes and events and generate insights just in time.


Visualized Real-time Event Management and Process-based Real-time Campaign Planning

Marketers can define single event or a combination of events if desirable. The platform follows milestones along the marketing process to plan campaigns, where marketers combine data sources, events, channels, and marketing elements according to business needs and accelerate the implementation of campaign strategy.



Define on Demand


Fast Implementation


Safety Management


Node Process


Dynamic Scoring by AI Real-time Model

Real-time AI Model Dynamic Scoring

Realize dynamic scoring using AI real-time model to assist marketing decision

With Suoxinda RTMP, marketers can access AI real-time model online, get dynamic scoring based on both batch and real-time tags of customers, and use the results to make informed decisions.

Release & Automated Operation of Real-time Application

Real-time Application Release & Automated Operation

Realize automated real-time marketing campaign release, greatly improve the efficiency of campaign d

Suoxinda RTMP uses a real-time application compiler to automate the release of real-time marketing campaigns, which greatly improves the efficiency of campaign development. IT staff are supported by the platform's application operation tools for real-time management.

Advanced Real-time Computing Technology

Advanced Real-time Computing Technology Support

Achieve full coverage of real-time marketing scenarios

Suoxinda RTMP supports mainstream real-time computing engines (Flink, Spark Streaming, etc.) to ensure time-effectiveness and maturity of computing. Combined with distributed caching, it covers all real-time marketing scenarios.

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