Anti-fraud Solution





Program Overview

Applies both expert rules & machine learning algorithms to provide clients with full-spectrum anti-fraud service & solution.


Solution Advantages

Empowered by Ruihedata’s fintech heritage

Abundant and proven anti-fraud templates

Hi-quality and precise detection of high risks

Industry-leading algorithms for risk detection

Professional advice on strategy optimization


In contrast to generic products, this solution can customize anti-fraud models/strategies, so as to adapt to particular anti-fraud scenarios for institutional clients, and tailor to the features of target products and customer groups. It is far more effective than generic solutions.


The combination of anti-fraud models and strategies increases the precision of anti-fraud solution, reduces false alarms among premium customers, better intercepts fraudsters, saves cost on customer acquisition, and reduces loss from fraud.


According to their stage of business development and risk preference, financial institutions may opt between customized anti-fraud strategy or anti-fraud model, or have both at the same time. If both are deployed in the risk control process, clients can flexibly readjust how they are utilized to meet different business targets.


Solution Value

Full-dimensional Mining Analysis

Compliance Policy

Reduce Risk Loss

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