Real-time Analysis & Calculation Platform

Streaming Data

Real-time Analysis

Low latency & Fast response

Real-time Monitoring

The real-time analysis and calculation platform supports the collection, storage, processing, analysis and other functions of streaming data, and combines with offline data to meet the bank's real-time data analysis, calculation, and query needs

Platform Introduction

"The real-time analysis and computing platform aims at end-to-end low latency, fast response to changes, and data unification."

Used for the processing of real-time structured data, real-time semi-structured data, and real-time unstructured data, including real-time transaction data, real-time customer behavior data, database log files, application logs, ATM equipment status data, etc., used in intelligent recommendation by bank customers Precise marketing, real-time update of operating data, real-time monitoring of equipment status, etc.

Platform Function

Platform Function

Real-time ETL

Real-time cleaning, merging, and structuring of data, as a supplement and optimization of data warehouse

Real-time Online System

Real-time calculation of relevant indicators and feedback, timely adjustment of policies, content delivery, wireless intelligent push, and real-time personalized recommendation

Real-time Report

Real-time live broadcast of the event on a large screen, data-based operation

Rule Management

Real-time cleaning, merging, and structuring of data, as a supplement and optimization of data warehouse

Real-time Scheduling MGT

Monitor the running status of the yarn job through the scheduling module, identify the unique ID of JOB, and monitor the efficiency of the job

Monitoring & Warning

Real-time monitoring and analysis of user behavior or related events, early warning based on risk control rules; early warning of user behavior, resource usage, server protection, etc.

Platform Advantage

Platform Advantage

Use batch-stream combination mode

Integrate bank's global data to meet business analysis needs in a timely, comprehensive and effective manner

Converged data warehouse architecture

Effective integration of real-time data resources, hierarchical management and clear flow

Use platform-based configuration management

Including data collection, calculation engine, feature generation, OLAP, etc. to improve the ease of use of the system and reduce the difficulty of use by business personnel

Platform Value

Platform Value

Fast response to massive data

Real-time data supports real-time loading of second-level data, second-level or even sub-second-level data query response capability

Easily support demand

Integrate with the application system and verify the application of personalized recommendation real-time marketing solutions

Multiple data source access

Flexible visual analysis to quickly respond to the needs of business personnel

Real-time operator configurable

Business personnel can combine metadata to configure rules to achieve flexible online streaming of stream computing

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