In the era of wealth management 2.0, how can financial institutions break through digital marketing?

According to McKinsey's forecast, by 2025, the scale of China's personal wealth management assets will reach 332 trillion yuan. China's wealth management market will usher in huge opportunities and challenges. More and more financial institutions are formulating phased strategic goals around wealth management transformation. With the action guide, we hope to seize the market opportunity and gain more market share.

On the other hand, with the continuous penetration of Chinese Internet users in various fields, traffic dividends have peaked, and the digital consumer market has become more and more mature, "obtaining customers is difficult and expensive" has become a common anxiety faced by many financial institutions. The era of "flow" is changing to the era of "retention", and digital marketing is becoming a key area of digital transformation in the financial industry. McKinsey believes that “successful digital marketing can increase the sales productivity of financial institutions by 20%; reduce customer churn by 25%; increase the success rate of cross-selling by 160%; the overall operational efficiency and business performance of banks will also be significantly improved, with annual revenue increasing by 35%. ."

Digital marketing is mainly through "data-driven, technology-enabled", supplemented by specialized, systematic, normalized, and scenario-based operation methods, and "customer-centric" to carry out refined operations around the customer life cycle and customer journey, cultivating potential Target users, improve customer marketing experience, achieve precise marketing, and comprehensively drive the growth of various business segments.

In order to help financial institutions improve their digital marketing capabilities, on June 29, 2022, from 20:00 to 21:00, we specially invited Tang Honghua, a senior digital operation expert of Suoxinda's Shuxi Technology, to share the theme of "Wealth Management 2.0 Era, How to break through the digital marketing of financial institutions? ".

Live sharing outline:

1. Industry Trends and Demand Insights

1. Opportunities and challenges facing wealth management institutions

2. Development Trend of China's Digital Marketing Market

3. Pain point and demand analysis of digital marketing

2. Digital Marketing Capability System

1. Digital Marketing and Operation Model of Wealth Management

2. Composition of key capabilities of digital marketing and operations

3. Marketing scenarios and marketing strategies

1. Digital Marketing of Wealth Management - Marketing Scenarios

2. Digital Marketing of Wealth Management - Marketing Strategy

We sincerely welcome practitioners from banking, securities, insurance and other financial institutions to participate in this seminar. I believe you will gain something from your participation!

Experience it now and start the journey of digital transformation !