An interpretable solution for anomaly detection in the financial industry & its multi-scenario application

Preventing financial risks and maintaining financial stability are the eternal themes of the financial industry. Since 2021, major banks, securities, insurance and other financial institutions have actively implemented the relevant deployment of the "Internal Control and Compliance Management Construction Year" issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and strengthened the monitoring and investigation of abnormal behaviors and data.

With the digitization and AIization of the financial industry, more and more complex models are used in the business of abnormal investigation. High-precision, safe and compliant decision-making models and continuous optimization are topics of great concern to financial institutions.

In order to promote exchanges in the financial industry and share the practical experience and innovation of AI big data application in the construction of internal control and compliance management of banking financial institutions, on April 27, 2022, from 20:00 to 21:00, we specially invited Suoxinda to Dr. Zhang Zimian, a data scientist at the AI Innovation Center of the Holding, brought the theme of "Explainable Solutions and Multi-Scenario Applications for Anomaly Monitoring in the Financial Industry".

Live sharing outline:

(1) Background introduction

1. Anomaly Detection Model in Banking Scenario

2. Explainable requirements for AI models

(2) Core algorithm

(3) Case sharing

1. Anomaly detection interpretable solution application in bank risk control scenarios

2. Explainable exceptions help manual review

3. Anomalies can explain the commonality of mining samples

4. Anomaly interpretable implementation indicators selection

5. Application of anomaly detection interpretable solution for bank algorithm operation and maintenance

We sincerely welcome practitioners from banking, securities, insurance and other financial institutions to participate in this seminar. I believe that you will gain something from your participation, it is a worthwhile trip!

Experience it now and start the journey of digital transformation !