Suoxinda Lingmo Panoramic Regulatory Compliance Platform Product Online Conference

With the recent release of the "China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Banking Financial Institutions Supervision Data Standardization Specifications (2021 Edition)" (EAST 5.0), the improvement of data-based regulatory compliance capabilities has once again attracted the attention of the financial industry. The successive introduction of a series of regulatory systems, including EAST 5.0, as well as the ever-increasing penalties and rectification efforts, all reflect the increasingly stringent requirements of the regulatory authorities.

In order to help financial institutions cope with the challenge of "strict supervision", assist financial institutions to complete the submission of regulatory data in a timely, accurate, complete and efficient manner, and further improve the management and construction capabilities of regulatory data, Suoxinda has specially launched a panoramic view of regulatory compliance. The platform will hold an online product launch conference at 14:00 on February 25th to discuss the development trend of digital and intelligent financial supervision, interpret the new changes of EAST 5.0, and reveal the panorama-style regulatory compliance platform. You are invited to watch online!


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