Financial industry data asset management implementation path & innovative application

The Party's 19th Plenary Session first enlarged data to produce the production factor, the "Opinions on Constructing the Marketization Configuration System Mechanism" issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council clearly requires the speed of breeding data elements. Feature value.

In the context of digital transformation, strengthen data asset management, become a fundamental work of the financial industry, and is the core driver of digital economic development.

Commercial banks as one of the highest levels of digitalization, management and management of digital assets are currently important tasks in commercial banks. Due to the short period of development, the basic theoretical system of digital assets is not perfect, and the digital asset management of commercial banks is still in the primary exploration phase.

Therefore, objectively evaluate the status quo of digital asset management and management of commercial banks, and put forward the strategic ideas of digital asset management and management of commercial banks in the new period. It is very important to promote the management level of commercial banks. significance. 


In order to promote the exchange of financial industry, share banking financial institutional data management, data management and even data asset operations practical experience and innovation, January 12, 2022, 20: 00-21: 00, we specially invited Social Holdings Senior Big Data Technical Consultant, Industry Senior Data Management Experts Wei Qiang, bringing the topic sharing the "Implementation Path and Innovation Application of Financial Industry Data Asset Management".

Share outline:

(1) Implement five subclasses: data inventory, data map, asset portrait, data management, data service

(2) Operation three guarantees: data community, data security, data value

(3) Two innovations: machine learning technology, agility data governance

(4) Many business applications in the financial sector

Sincerely welcome financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance industries to participate in this seminar. I believe you will gain something in the participation, and you will not fake this! 

Experience it now and start the journey of digital transformation !