Financial sector new generation customer label system floor application & design ideas

Currently, financial institutions such as major commercial banks, securities, insurance companies are constantly deepening digital transformation, and the financial industry customer service level has been greatly improved. However, in the face of the growing massive customer data, many financial institutions have failed to achieve accurately due to the lack of the full definition of customer objects and the management of customer data, social attributes, value attributes, service records, etc. Correspondingly, it is unable to form a fast and effective, good customer marketing service and experience.

Especially on the road of digital development, many financial institutions still have problems with the decentralization of customer label, channel synergy, labeling system is not clear, etc., in the face of financial business, the capacity of data, data support ability seems "Self-powerful", finance The agency needs to be improved, to create an important tool and complete system framework for future digitization, refined operation, and a comprehensive label system realizes the rapid increase in business empowerment.

So Xinda Holdings (Stock Code: 03680.HK) As China Financial Industry Data Intelligent and Marketing Technology Leading Enterprises, committed to gradually promoting customer labeling system to high-dimensional space, helping major commercial banks, securities, insurance companies and other financial institutions Applicable to "Digital Finance" services competition in the new era market. In order to support financial institutions more reasonable, accurate, in-depth insight into customers, SOC rely on the new generation of self-developed, standardized customer label management product system, through continuous integration of financial institutions, supplementing and optimizing customer labels, and expanding more In order to enrich financial business application scenarios, provide more accurate data support for financial marketing and modeling analysis, implement label data lifecycle management, product recommendation engine, guest group marketing effect evaluation calculation, customer group insight analysis and other functions, comprehensive support of finance The development of the future intelligent marketing system in the future.

To this end, at 20 o'clock in the evening of December 1, 202, we especially invited to Songda Holding Technology, senior data platform technical consultants Zhang Weining, bring the theme sharing "New Generation Customer Labeling System in Financial Fields and Design Ideas". 


Sincerely welcome financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance industries to participate in this seminar. 

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