Application & business empowerment of intelligent financial knowledge graph

Knowledge graph is an important branch of artificial intelligence, which plays an important role in interpretable artificial intelligence. As a professional domain knowledge map, the financial industry knowledge map has important application value in the fields of intelligent marketing, intelligent investment research, intelligent risk control, intelligent customer service, and intelligent compliance. Suoxinda Holdings (stock code: 03680.HK), as a leader in AI big data and marketing technology in China's financial industry, has long been committed to using leading solutions to help financial institutions embark on a journey of "digital transformation" and realize business together with customers success. At 20:00 on August 25th, we specially invited Dr. Junqi Li from the AI Innovation Center of Suoxinda Holdings to bring a theme sharing: the application and business empowerment of intelligent financial knowledge graphs.

We sincerely welcome banking, insurance, securities and other financial practitioners to participate in this seminar.

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