Advanced digital marketing strategy for leading banks' corporate business

Looking at the world, the global banking industry has entered the "Bank 4.0" era. Facing the rushing wave of digital technology revolution, how to better adapt to and accelerate the application of digital technology and promote digital transformation is a major issue facing the banking industry.

Corporate business has always been a must for commercial banks. How to use financial technology and business innovation as the driving force, firmly grasp the direction of corporate marketing digital transformation, and form a new corporate business business model, so that services can be seamlessly embedded in customer production and operation, Through the whole life consumption process, customers can obtain financial services anytime and anywhere, and comprehensively improve their business capabilities such as corporate customer insight, customer marketing, product innovation, business decision-making, and risk management. These are topics of great concern and interest to major financial institutions.

Suoxinda Holdings (stock code: 03680.HK), as a leader in AI big data and integrated intelligent marketing in China's financial industry, has long been committed to using leading solutions to help financial institutions embark on a journey of "digital transformation" and realize it together with customers Business success. At 20:00 in the evening of July 28th, we specially invited Wei Haihan, senior financial consultant and professional service director of Suoxinda Holdings, to bring the theme to share: the advanced strategy of leading banks in digital marketing of corporate business.

We sincerely welcome banking, insurance, securities and other financial practitioners to participate in this seminar.

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