Explains the deep integration of machine learning with banking

At the end of March 2021, the People's Bank of China issued the financial industry standard "Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Financial Application Evaluation Specification", which will be officially implemented on the date of issuance. The era of artificial intelligence "precision is king" is about to pass, and the era of "interpretability-based" has officially opened.

Suoxinda Holdings (3680.HK), as the preferred partner of digital transformation in China's financial industry and an innovator in data technology-driven industry applications, has long been committed to using leading solutions to help financial institutions embark on a journey of "digital transformation" and work with customers and Partners achieve business success together. To this end, we specially invited Shao Ping, director of the AI Innovation Center of Suoxinda Holdings and senior data scientist, to interpret the latest "Specifications" issued by the central bank, and bring the theme to share: the application of explainable machine learning in the financial industry.


We sincerely welcome banking, insurance, securities and other financial practitioners to participate in this seminar.

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