Federal study: solutions to financial data barriers and privacy protection

Federal learning is currently one of the research directions in the field of artificial intelligence, especially financial AI, that has attracted the most attention from the industry and academia. As an emerging technology trend, federated learning has been greatly favored by industry and academia.

Suoxinda Holdings (3680.HK), as the preferred partner of digital transformation in China's financial industry and an innovator in data technology-driven industry applications, has long been committed to using leading solutions to help financial institutions embark on a journey of "digital transformation" and work with customers and Partners achieve business success together. To this end, we specially invited Dr. Shao Jun, Executive Director of Suoxinda Holdings’ AI Innovation Center, to share the topic "Federal Learning: Solutions to Financial Data Barriers and Privacy Protection"


We sincerely welcome banking, insurance, securities and other financial practitioners to participate in this seminar.

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