Latest report: Customer churn warning and attribution models in the financial industry

Customer churn warning has always been a topic of great concern to many financial institutions, including banks. It is difficult to know the reason for customer churn with traditional churn warning solutions. In order to obtain a model with higher accuracy and better interpretability, Suoxinda Holdings adopts interpretable AI algorithm, based on the practice of bank projects, successfully explored a set of churn warning and attribution modeling solutions that can attribute a single customer’s churn. Attribution, personalized retention measures to help financial institutions improve marketing effects.

Suoxinda Holdings (3680.HK), as the preferred partner of digital transformation in China's financial industry and an innovator in data technology-driven industry applications, has long been committed to using leading solutions to help financial institutions embark on a journey of "digital transformation" and work with customers and Partners achieve business success together. To this end, we specially invited Mr. Yang Jianying, a data mining expert at Suoxinda Holdings' AI Innovation Center, to share the theme: the application of customer churn warning and attribution models in the financial industry.


We sincerely welcome banking, insurance, securities and other financial practitioners to participate in this seminar.

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